Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Codyssey

Dear friends,

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

May the coming year be prosperous and successful, full of happiness and joy!


Apps Depot weekly update #4

We did not issue the weekly update last Friday. It does not mean that there were no updates. On the contrary! See for yourself! Lots of apps were added, some were updated.

Happy 4th of July

Dear friends,

May all that America stands for
touch your heart in a special way
this 4th of July... with Codyssey.


Apps Depot Weekly update #3

This week Apps Depot acquired and updated some portable utilities. We do not cover all of new apps that were added these days. The weekly bulletin only informs on some of them. You can browse through hundreds of portable applications and get instant access to them with Apps Depot, which is available with CodySafe Sigma, CodySafe Protect, or CodySafe Solid Crypto.

CodySafe Protect Beta

We launch CodySafe Protect Beta today. It was worth waiting till the date, because Beta means free and CodySafe means great...

CodySafe Protect is the software tool that prevents unauthorized access to your files by setting password protection to your flash drive and dividing it to several partitions. Your files on the protected partition will be available only after you provide correct password.

This partitioning process involves significant changes to the structure of the memory. It is worth mentioning that the industry of portable drives is very large and continues intensively growing. There are many vendors and manufacturers of USB flash drives. And therefore, there is a chance that the drive that is currently in your hands cannot be upgraded to the protected one. Never mind.We will offer you anothersolution soon.  Codyssey continues development. Meanwhile – the free Beta release is open.

Those who were interested to set password on their flash drives, those who wanted to protect their files at home or at work and those who is willing to prevent access to their sensitive information, all of you are welcome to download and to install CodySafe Protect Beta.

More to Apps Depot

This week was pretty fruitful. Here are more programs added to the Apps Depot:

CintaNotes - a lightweight and user-friendly PIM (personal information manager). CintaNotes can become an assistant in the daily task of organizing information, registering your own thoughts and ideas, for the history, quotes from famous people other than you, research data, curious facts, Wikipedia entries, you name it. PIMs can be found in the Apps Depot under Office - > Other Category.

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