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Do You Want to Get Benefits from a Computer Software Testing Profession?

This is a good question....firstly you must see if you have a certain type of personality to perform software testing. You ought to be organized, logical and thorough. You'll be writing test cases according to business and functional requirements - or in other words you should do.

That’s a new word. What does it mean?

That means “the freedom of portability”, the real concept of a portable application. That means independence. That means convenience and ease of use. That is a call to developers to adopt the technology and that is the appeal to users to use it.

We do not register a trademark, copyright or whatever. It is just a word and you are welcome to use it. Use it as wide as possible. Journalists and bloggers are welcome to use it. Let people feel the need of it. Let them understand benefits of portability. Let them realize that portability and liberty are close relatives. And one can become free having turned portable.

Let’s try to make it a new word with a new sense. Let’s make a flashmob in the Twitter. Are you in?

It is easy! Write #portaliberty and three words you associate with it in the Twitter. Or just place a link to this article.  Or just retweet.

We’ll make the world a better place together. Let there be more freedom! Let there be more portable applications and portable drives! Let there be more portability!

Codyssey 祝大家春节快乐!我们将为满足各位朋友的需求,不断努力生产高质量产品。

Codyssey 祝大家春节快乐!我们将为满足各位朋友的需求,不断努力生产高质量产品。

We are a lucky generation. We have witnessed a lot of revolutionary changes. We have seen a bursting growth of emperies and crashes of ideas.

The most dynamically developing sphere of knowledge - the computer science - has a short performance history. But it has been dramatically and spectacularly shifting, leaving behind ruined shacks and raising castles.

It is a matter of historical fact that companies which followed or even anticipated the vector of the shifting technologies could succeed in the chase after the fortune. Those companies that were keeping the conservative direction did not survive long. But those who managed to foresee the shift could successfully move forward ahead of the competition. I am writing this because we have a strong feeling and belief that we are extremely close to another paradigm shift. We have noticed it long ago and adjusted our roadmap correspondingly.

thunderstormAbout ten days ago the computer world was firs hit by the cloud. HP and Microsoft Team Up… to spend $250 million over three years in a partnership to deliver cloud computing products and services to businesses…  Wow! Cool! The cloud rules! Giants pool their efforts!

 But wait! Here is another announcement coming - IBM Strikes Major Cloud Deal With Panasonic. The deal initially covers 100,000 Panasonic employees, and will eventually expand to include more than 300,000 workers, partners and suppliers.

That’s really a thunder from a cloud! Panasonic uses IBM’s cloud solution NOW! They are not developing solution to employ in 3 years, but already use. “IBM launched the suite a year ago, and now counts more than 18 million users. Prices start at $3 per user, per month.”

I hope you understand what it means for all of us. That means that cloud is already here. That means that cloud computing becomes a standard on-the-shelf solution. And even more of that – it became reliable and stable enough to be employed by Panasonic. This deal announces the beginning of a new age – the era of cloud.
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