About us

We are proud to offer our customers one of the the most popular portable apps menu tool, the CodySafe, which has gained a lot of attention. But our creativity is not limited to the portable applications and portable launchers. Along with products and solutions that are presented on this website we are developing cutting-edge solutions that integrate unlimited capabilities of the web technologies with convenience, availability and wide acceptance of portable solutions.

Codyssey is a fast growing, dynamic and ambitious start-up. It incorporates a highly professional team, possessing a deep knowledge, a wide experience and an outstanding creativity. We have successfully completed lots of hardly possible and impossible missions within previous ventures and projects. We have gained a global recognition as developers of several security solutions. We have walked a long way from the first draft through the mass production, distribution and support.

Now we have gathered around a new project. We believe that our new venture will succeed. We believe in our idea so much that we started sailing the sea of business during the stormy days of global economical crisis. Within one year of running bootstrapping business we have managed to do a lot. We have launched several software products, which have attracted close attention of technology and computer e-Zines, magazines, blogs and forums. Our free portable applications launcher product counted over 1.5 million downloads. We have a wide audience of happy, loyal and grateful users. We have gathered a community of contributors who helped us in making our portable products better and translated them to over 20 languages.

Now, when we have proved that we can make it, it is the time to push the gas! We have to increase the development speed, we need to hire more specialists, and we have to move fast.

Codyssey is looking for

  • Investment - Angel investors and Venture Capitals are welcome
  • Technological partnership – hardware manufacturers of portable devices, security solutions providers, integrators and every company that feels the need of integration of online and offline wanted
  • Marketing partnership – for those about to rock – we salute you!

You are welcome to contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you are interested in investment or establishing a fruitful cooperation with a young, promising and fast growing company. We will be happy to provide more information to anyone who realizes the potential.

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